Children's Triathlon

Like grownups

A real athlete's course for these future champions, who will start with a few lengths in the open air pool of Alpe d'Huez, at the heart of the resort.

The cycling event consists of one loop of 1 km, to be completed one or more times depending on category. This route is defined within the resort and is entirely reserved for these youngest competitors.
They will then drop off their bikes on the carpet of the big cycle facility, to engage in the footrace and finish their competition by crossing the official finish line of the Long and Short Distance Triathlons.

The Alpe d'Huez Children's Triathlon is an event that enables youngsters to discover the fun and excitement of triathlon as a discipline: there will not be any arrivals ranking or timing, and all children will receive a prize.

Race information

Distribution of number bibs and entry fee payment at Palais des Sports of Alpe d'Huez

Starts will be in waves of 10 to 15 children for each category

Swimming at the open air pool of Alpe d'Huez

Cycling on a 1 km loop within the resort of Alpe d'Huez

Run course on the arrival site

Cat. Year
4 pm Minimes 2004-2005 150 m 4 km 400 m
3:30pm Benjamins 2006-2007 100 m 3 km 400 m
3pm Pupilles 2008-2009 75 m 2 km 200 m
2:30pm Poussins & Mini Poussins 2010-2011 2012-2013 50 m 1 km 200 m

The plans

Category Minimes

Category Benjamins

Category Pupilles

Category Poussins & Mini Poussins