Who can register ?

The race is open to athletes holding a licence from their domestic federation (French Triathlon Federation or Foreign Domestic Federation) for 2018  season. This licence will be required at the distribution of numbers bibs.

However, if you are not hoding a licence you could subscribe to the formula "non licence holder for short distance Triathlon" or "non licence holder for long distance Triathlon" depending on the distance you wish to run.

This formula including a day licence delivered by the French Triathlon Federation. In order to confirm your registration, you will carry a non contraindication medical certificate to the practice of triathlon in competition. This certificate has to be dated from less than one year at the race day. This note should be send at the following adress: Cyrille Neveu, 6, Chalet du Grand Broue – 38750 Huez - France (postal adress of organiser) OR to be showed at the distribution of number bibs.

What is the legal age to run the short and long race of this triathlon ?

Only people having minimum of 20 of age are allowed to participate in the long distance triathlon.
Long distance registration

For the short distance, only people aged from 18 years old and more are able to participate.
Short distance registration

Finally, the children's race is opened to children born from 2010 until 2003.
Children's registration

How much is the registration fee ?

This depends on the date on which you register. The sooner the registration the cheaper it will be.
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How can we pay ?

One methods of payment are possible. We invit you to refer to the following links in order to learn the forms:

By internet, handing "online registration"

In order to check if your registration was successful, please consult the section « participants ».

Can I get a group price ?

A 10% discount on the normal rate is applicable for all group registrations for over € 1000 within your club.

Club offer

Am I reimbursed if I refuse to run the race ?
The terms of reimbursement are the following: 30% of the paid -in amount is retained for all reimbursement demand before the 30th June 2018. Over this date, no reimbursement will be possible

Is it possible to give my bib to another person in case I can't take part in the event ?
The registration being purely personal (identity, medical certificate …),logically it is not possible to give its bib without informing organisers. In the case of another person agree exchange of bib, it is necessary to contact Cyrille by mail info@cyrille-neveu.com and the exchange wil be done.

Is it possible to receive bibs by postal way ?
The distribution of bibs will only be done in the "Palais des Sports et des Congrès" of Alpe d'Huez. No sending is possible by postal way

Are wetsuits compulsory ?
Due to the FFTriathlon rules of specifications, the wetsuits are compulsory if the water is inferior to 16°C.

Are showers available ?
It will be possible for every participant to take a shower in the changing rooms of the "Palais des Sports de l'Alpe d'Huez".

Are volunteers insured during the event ?

The Alpe d'Huez Triathlon receives French Triathlon Federation agreement.

In order to cover the possible damages of organisation members and volunteers, this agreement requires organisers to subscribe for insurance.

See page volunteers

How will I be informed of the details of my mission ?

A briefing is planned  in the "Palais des Sports".

This briefing will introduce the event and the volunteer managers to you. Your position will be assigned during this briefing.

See page volunteers

Is there a deadline to join volunteering team ?

There is no deadline for purposing your services to the organisation, quite the opposite !

Even in the morning of the race you will always be welcomed !

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Important information

A driving licence is compulsory for flagmen volunteers of the triathlon race.

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