Zone3 swimming tips: what you should know about the TIME Triathlon Alpe d'Huez swim

5 swimming tips zone3 Time Triathlon Alpe d'huez

When organizing a Triathlon in Alpe d'Huez, there is a pretty high risk of over-communicating on the cycling segment of the race instead of the other two disciplines. Today, let's try to change the bad habit a little by concentrating on the swimming that takes place in the crystal clear waters of the Verney lake hydroelectric plant. Our swimming partner Zone3 gives you 5 swimming tips that will allow you to enjoy as much as possible of this experience.

1) Where to swim during the Triathlon week

Swimming in Verney's Lake is exceptional because swimming is forbidden out of the races of the Alpe d'Huez Triathlon. The hydroelectric production of the EDF Grand'Maison plant is totally interrupted for the competition. As this simple. It is therefore strictly forbidden to swim and test the water of Verney's Lake out of competitions. However, there are some alternatives if you are looking to do some swim strokes before the race:

- Swimming pool of Alpe d'Huez: the only solution in the resort. more infos

- Swimming pool in Vaujany: a beautiful complex near the triathlon starting area. more infos

- Swimming pool in Bourg d'Oisans: at the foot of the ascent, convenient! more infos

2) Swim in a mountain lake ... a cold experience!

Do not be surprised, the water of the Verney's Lake is as limpid as it is cold, coming from the surrounding mountains. To be precise, its temperature is generally between 14 and 17 degrees at the end of July. Nothing insurmountable, but better be warned. In order to limit the action of the cold, many triathletes use heating oils, hoods or a double swim caps. Also, do not rush when getting into the water. Pay attention to the speaker's instructions in order to place yourself at the right time, neither too early nor too late.

3) A very simple loop but

The swimming course of the Alpe d'Huez consists of a huge rectangle to take by the right (the EDF buoys always on your left). 1 loop for the CD and 1 longer loop for the LD. However, every year some triathletes must be redirected towards the correct buoy. Before putting yourself in the water, visualize the route, but also the access to the bike park. You will have to run about 100 meters to reach your bike, with a beautiful ramp to climb as soon as you get out of the water (a water supply awaits you at the top).

4) Just on the saddle... and attack!

As with all triathlons, a ground line and the presence of a referee tell you when to ride your bike when you leave the park. Be careful, once in the saddle, you will have to face immediately a short bump in order to connect with the main road along the Verney's Lake. If you are not very agile when putting your shoes on the bike, you will surely gain time to put them on in the park. Also prepare a good gear ratio for your bike, in order to save time and simply do not get too confused at this delicate and technical moment.

5) Time limits to be taken into account

The shutdown of the Grand'Maison hydroelectric plant turbines is programmed for a long time and we are therefore organization is very strict regarding the cut-off for swimming. If you are a poor swimmer, please don’t worry, the time window is more than comfortable though:

LD: Start 9.30am / limit time 11.00am

CD: Start 2.00pm / limit time 3.00pm