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bib numbers alpe d'huez triathlon Remaining bib numbers and Up-to-date List

The weeks pass and the counters go mad. Those of your bikes of course, because the triathlon season starts and the Spring invites you to spend more time on bicycle. But what about the counter of our inscriptions? Again, the numbers are rising quickly. We are so thankful with the trust and enthusiasm shown by all those who decided to defy the 21 laces at the end of July. Thank you! To the others, the undecided, the sceptical, the stunned, the hard to convince: do not hesitate any longer! Today, we have the following bib numbers remaining:

150 bibs available on the Long Distance Triathlon

350 bibs available on the Short Distance Triathlon

200 bibs available on the Duathlon

Concretely, we are well in advance comparing with previous years at the same time! Do not lose the opportunity to add a touch of grandeur to your 2017 season. Do not put back to next year what you can live in July!

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In addition, the list of registrants has been updated. Once again, that diversity on each of our events! A big thank you to all (at the risk of repeating itself).

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