2018: 13 new year’s resolutions

New year triathlon resolutions

In just 7 months, the participants of the Alpe d'Huez Triathlon will be able to challenge the myth of 21 bends... by then, the road will be long and full of obstacles. To begin the year with the best intentions, here's a small selection of good triathletic resolutions (but which have the value of advice sometimes). Some people will probably recognize themselves. Up to you to get inspired, or not! In any case, we wish you a wonderful 2018 and an exciting triathlon season!

Some good resolutions of the triathlete in 2018 (1 good resolution per kilometer of legendary Alpe d’Huez climb... 13):

- To do not neglect the basic winter training, fundamental to be regular during the season.

- To have a complete check-up with my doc before starting to push seriously.

- To eat healthy food a little more than two days before the race;)

- To remember that having the right attitude is already a victory.

- To enjoy training, not just racing.

- To take the time to read and analyse the maps and profiles of the races before going on starting line (after that, it's not much use).

- To take the time (also) to stop sometimes, just to admire the landscape. To be irreproachable respecting Mother Nature.

- To try to share more races with family and friends (especially at Alpe d' Huez!)

- To do not complain anymore, and remember how lucky I am to be able to practice this fantastic sport.

- To come with more kms of positive ascent accumulated during my preparation than the ones I will have to face on race day!

- To always take care of my family before taking care of my training plan.

- To do not constantly relive the race with 'what if…', and to question myself to try new solutions.

- To plan my trip and my activities in advance at the Alpe d'Huez… there's more to life than just the Triathlon!