TRI-CAMP : official Alpe d'Huez Triathlon camp

Triathlon Camp Alpe d'Huez 2017

Is Triathlon EDF Alpe d'Huez 2017 your main objective this season? Take your planning and mark in red the week from June 25th till July 1st, 2017... Stages-Triathlon.com brings you to Alpe d'Huez, lead by Guy Hemmerlin (sports director of Endurance Training Concept), for a 100% triathlon stay to prepare the race properly. Much more than a simple reco, this TRI-CAMP Alpe d'Huez will approach all the aspects of your race, a few weeks before the D-day. Ideal to give you confidence and to get you at your top level. To know more about it, Hervé Faure and Guy Hemmerlin gave us some explanations about the myth of Alpe d'Huez and the meaning of this interesting TRI-CAMP (limited to 20 participants). NOTE : the TRI-CAMP contents will be adapted to english speakers.

Hervé Faure (Ambassador of the TRI-CAMP Alpe d'Huez)

- What does Alpe d'Huez represent to you?

It is for me a major event of the national and international calendar. This race is difficult with the "famous" ascent of Alpe d'Huez at the end of the bike course! It is the kind of races pure triathletes love.

- You participated in numerous editions of the triathlon, in the LD as in the CD. For you, what is the key of a good race in Alpe d'Huez?

In every case, the final climb is decisive, but differently: on the CD the bike course is similar to a climb time trial and on the LD it is possible to create big gaps or to lose everything during the ascension. A good management is key to make the difference.

- What is your nicest memory of all your experiences in Alpe d'Huez?

During my victory on the Short Distance I climbed Alpe d'Huez under the rain and I established the current record for the climb during the Triathlon (46 ') :-)

Guy Hemmerlin (Endurance Training Concept manager) :

- Why is this TRI-CAMP in Alpe d'Huez different from other CAMP organized by ETC?

We are proud to join the race organization to propose a specific CAMP of one of the greatest European Triathlon. L'Alpe d'Huez is also our only CAMP realized totally in the mountain in 2017. The trainings but also our theoretical interventions will be specifically focused on the races a few weeks later.

- What kind of triathletes can take part to the TRI-CAMP ? Do you expect a specific profile?

As for all our training camp, we want different profiles, split in level groups. Our team has the experience to reach the expectations of every kind of triathletes. Much before the TRI-CAMP, the participants will have to fulfil a form and to provide us all the information so that we can customize the program.

- Who are the ETC monitors during this intensive week?

I will supervise this training camp together with Hervé Faure and with two or three other sport leaders. Cyrille Neveu, race director of the Triathlon Alpe d'Huez EDF, will be there too.

- Will the altitude during the camp have any effect for the race a few weeks later?

No, the purpose of this camp is not to work with high altitude, the duration of this training is not long enough and the performance peak after a camp at high altitude is situated around  D+12. Our objective is to propose specific trainings on the scene and in the conditions of the July races. We are very lucky to enjoy a fantastic playground. We'll have the beautiful Alpe d'Huez Swimming Pool for us. We'll ride every day following a detailed planning in order to get the triathletes prepared at the end of the week for this kind of efforts. For the run, we'll work on a trail specific routine.