1. Tell us your career in a few words. Have you ever participated in the EDF Alpe d'Huez Triathlon?

I’m practicing triathlon since 2003. I obtained lots of national selections; I scored several podiums (on Youth, U23 and Elite French Championships; on European and World Cups). I really like bike challenging course because this is my strength. So I particularly like the Alpe d’Huez course! I still won many times the short distance race. I really like this Triathlon and I’m glad to come back this year!

2. You will go to the long or short distance race this year? Do you prepare it specifically? If yes, how?

I will run the short distance this year to be well prepared for my following races: Wiesbaden 70.3 European Championships and the Embrunman.

3. Do you recommend a specific lifestyle the week before the race? (food, sleep, training…)

I simply advise to keep the pre-race habits and to arrive well rested for this challenging race (privilege a good sleep and a light training the week before the race).

4. Could you provide advice to manage the race as well as possible? Which gear ratios use for example? Which kind of food?

During the Long Distance, be careful to well manage your eating and drinking because it is a key performance factor. Make sure using some digest nutrition products that you have used previously on training. You should also adjust your gear ratio according to your level and the course profile.

5. Could you provide advice to manage the recovery post-race as well as possible?

Take a flexible bike ride, a flexible swimming and a good stretching session the day after the race. Take a day off two days after. Obviously you can eat a good mountain dish the night of the race! :)

6. Do you have a pro’s trick?

The EDF Alpe d’Huez Triathlon is a very specific race. It is important to have a specific training program to prepare this race. My key bike session 10 days before the race: a hilly bike session with 4x3min fast, rest in the descent, 5min flexible and 8x45sec to 1min the faster you can, 45sec rest. Don’t hesitate to look at my website www.mytribe.fr to optimize your training :)