Do you Dare2tri ?

Do you Dare2tri ?

It is with great pleasure that we renew our partnership with the triathlon brand Dare2Tri. Just as it happened last year, the Dare2Tri wetsuits will be available to rent at our village Expo, where you also will have the opportunity to discover the new series MACH-S. The presence of this brand is not casual for this event because its values perfectly match to the race ones. Why? Here you have the explanation:

Great gear at great prices

The wetsuit market is characterized by a profusion of brands and offers. For the triathletes, it is sometimes difficult to get a clear idea among all the existing references. Nevertheless, in the Triathlon Alpe d'Huez EDF, Dare2Tri quickly stood out as an obvious fact. The Dutch brand proposes economical and accessible products without sacrificing their quality. It is the leitmotiv which explains to us Alex De Boer, founder of Dare2Tri: "Our Slogan: Great Gear at Great prices is what it's all about, we feel that triathlon is already an expensive sport and doing most of our direct, so we take out the middle man we can keep the prices very competitive and the quality at top level".

"The Triathlon EDF Alpe d'Huez is like magic."

On the other hand, the support of Dare2Tri confirms the interest of the brand for the exceptional events, gathering athletes sensitive to the arguments of the brand. "For me the Triathlon EDF Alpe d'Huez is like magic. The mountain, the area is breathtaking and knowing the feeling to make it to the top is what we stand for, we Dare2Tri and Alpe d'Huez stand for those who Dare2Tri" -Alex confides to us.

Presentation of the new MACH-S serie and rent on the Dare2Tri stand

At the Expo village of the Triathlon, the triathletes will have the opportunity to speak directly to the Dare2Tri team. Do not hesitate to ask them for advice and information. These specialists end Tri enthusiasts will be pleased to answer and to make you discover their new MACH-S serie. The stand will also be the meeting place for all the participants who will have praised a wetsuit beforehand.

The Dare2tri swimming tip

"For the swim, we advise to stay calm at the start. The water is cold, so let your body get used to the temperature and then go fast. Another simple advice is to put first your swim goggle and then your swimcap."

Rent a weitsut here.

See you in a month,

The organisation team