Alpe d'Huez DUATHLON: 5 good reasons to be part of the greatest!


In 2009, we launched the first edition of the Alpe d'Huez Duathlon. Immediately appreciated by the specialists of the discipline, the race became a key moment of the week in the station. The big names of the Duathlon French Grand Prix are always on the starting line, ready to fight for a prestigious triumph. Behind them, the pack is growing up with a lot of cyclists or triathletes looking for sensations before their big objective, which will be a few days later. Here are 5 big assets of this exceptional duathlon:

1) The first running loop, as surprising as exigent, is a 6.5 km circuit traced in the valley, in the heart of Village of Oisans. But it is much more than a simple introduction to the competition as, quickly, the circuit leads the participants on the heights of the village, on a shaded and very pleasant road. But pay attention, as after some meters from the starting line, the climb begins! The return towards the transition area is very fast. As a first conclusion, we could say that, at this point, duathletes are warmed and ready to attack the main course.

2) The myth; a privilege of 21 laces. What else can we say which has not already been said about the ascent of Alpe d'Huez? In the case of the duathlon, it is important to consider the fact that the climb begins very quickly once on the saddle and after T1. There is not any time for recovery before facing the coming “monster”. Dear cyclists and duathletes, here is one of the rare occasions to dominate and soar into the Alpe d'Huez in race conditions. Enjoy this opportunity!

3) The last run consists of a short, explosive and flat circuit. It is nearly impossible to make the difference on these final 2.5 km; but for everyone, it is the critical moment to give it all or to recover from the previous ascent without risking to explode or to damage your organism. This is a dessert after the main course that has been imagined beforehand, so that anyone can find his own benefit.

4) A duathlon with an International Triathlon appearance. The Alpe d'Huez Duathlon is well-known for its remarkable infrastructure: the Alpe d'Huez Triathlon setup. Forget the idea of an austere and confidential event because the duathlon is a key challenge of the Triathlon festival in the same way as the long and short distance triathlons. Guaranteed atmosphere and excellent services. This race is exceptional.

5) A perfect warm up for the Triathlon. If you are wise and able to control your emotions during a competition, the duathlon is a tremendous practice before the triathlon LD (long distance) on Thursday or the triathlon CD (short distance) on Friday. Actually, instead of practising your ranges alone in the 21 bends, put yourselves in the race for a good trial.

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