EDF: much more than a partner.

EDF: much more than a partner.

All is in our race name: EDF is much more than a simple sponsor to the Alpe d’Huez Triathlon. It’s one of the main character of the race, a technical support that makes it possible. We’re proud and grateful as EDF renews its trust since the first edition. Let us give you a quick overview on this partnership history!

To swim in Verney Lake: a must.

«To find a spot where 1,500 athletes can swim in perfect safety conditions in a natural surround as the Oisans Valley, and with an easy access and a free space to setup a bike park, it’s just a miracle!» –as the EDF Alpe d’Huez Triathlon, Cyrille Neuveu, explains. He had this crazy idea more than 10 years ago, when he discovered the amazing Verney Lake, an artificial water reserve, to organize a triathlon. But the EDF activity related to electricity needs made swimming impossible in the lake (official authority statement). «Beyond the idea, the technical execution was a real challenge, that could be completed thanks to the trust of EDF in the project», Cyrille adds.

Stopping the Grand’Maison hydroelectric central activity so that the triathletes live a unique experience

Main power station responsible, Jean-Paul Giraud, explains why swimming is usually forbidden: «the Grand’Maison hydroelectric complex affects the lake level of water, generating dangerous streams for the swimmers. With a 1,800 Megawatts electric potential available in a few minutes, the Grand’Maison is a key piece for the French electrical net. Actually, it can start whenever to reply to any electrical consumption peak.» On the race day, the complex production totally stops in order to let the athletes enjoy their passion. This exclusive exception for our triathlon clearly shows the EDF goal to contribute in the development of the territory, and to get closer to local actors in the sport events that defend economic and touristic interest of the region.

Join us to discover the beautiful swimming area of the Triathlon EDF Alpe d'Huez. 

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