EDF: the historical partner of the TIME Triathlon Alpe d'Huez invites you to discover a video clip 100% swimming!

EDF partner 2018 TIME Triathlon Alpe d'Huez

When you reach the TIME Triathlon Alpe d'Huez starting area for the first time, the pre-race pressure suddenly rises. You are on the shores of the Lac du Verney, an artificial lake whose crystal clear waters feed the Grand' Maison EDF hydroelectric power station and reflect the surrounding mountains like a mirror. The setting is splendid. You are in the EDF territory, a major player in the valley and a central partner of the TIME Triathlon Alpe d'Huez for 13 years. Here are 3 essential things you need to know about this magical swim, and a video clip that will give you a small idea of the beauty of this departure.


Swimming in the Lac du Verney: a privilege

In addition to the quality and transparency of the lake's water, the swimming part is literally exceptional, since the TIME Triathlon Alpe d'Huez is the only and unique opportunity to swim in the reservoir during the year. Indeed, swimming is strictly forbidden there. The activity of the Grand'Maison hydroelectric power station (the most powerful in France) and its 12 huge turbines is suspended during the competition. Without this complicity and the flexibility of EDF, the event could simply not take place! (More information about Lac du Verney and the Grand'Maison power station: HERE)

Epic but far from unbeatable conditions

Every year, this is one of the topics most commented by triathletes: water temperature! As this is a mountain lake, the water is naturally fresh, but no need to exaggerate... In last editions, the thermometer has fluctuated between 16 and 17 degrees. Moreover, the ‘mass start' on the L-format is a pure moment of triathlon, when the 1000 triathletes rush into their greatest challenge. But the bad swimmers have enough space to avoid the commotion of the pack. So don't panic: enjoy! (Note: the starting procedure on M format will change in 2018, more info coming soon)

An extraordinary setting

In a wedge of the Oisans valley, bordered by the municipalities of Vaujany, Oz en Oisans and Allemont, the Lac du Verney is an iconic landscape of the TIME Triathlon Alpe d' Huez, just like the Tour de France 21 bends or the village of Alpe d'Huez. EDF allows the organization to use a large spot to setup a large and comfortable bike park for up to 1400 triathletes. In conclusion: this swim is a highlight of the participant's experience and contributes to the reputation of the race since its first edition.