Romanche valley : a story of WATTS. Get some advices on this tricky part of the Triathlon L.

EDF Romanche Alpe d'Huez Triathlon

EDF's involvement in the development and dynamization of the region is not limited to the Verney hydroelectric barrage. Our partner will also be with you in the Romanche valley, where participants of the Triathlon L will have to deal with a tricky first part of the cycling course, more complicated than it seems. Here are some recommendations for the first 25 kilometers where the triathlon goes along one of the most ambitious projects of EDF to increase its production of clean and renewable energy (Romanche - Gavet is the biggest project of construction of hydroelectric development in France).

Don’t be impatient ! Be reasonable !

Every year, it happens : many triathletes make their effort during the first part of the cycling course, deceived by their freshness and a hyper-rolling road with light descent (about 400 meters negative downhill to Seychilienne ). It's easy, it goes fast, and the temptation is great to push hard! The elite triathletes are the first ones to be trapped, and many of them regret their impatience a few hours later in the 21 bends of the Alpe d'Huez. Do not make that mistake. Take advantage of this long part to warm, to turn your legs and prepare to approach the Alpe du Grand-Serre, the first difficulty of the course.

Safety first

The valley of the Romanche is an important road axis for the region. Although the traffic is generally fluid for the Long Distance Triathlon, the road remains opened. Stay on the right and be careful, especially on the communes of Allemont, Livet, Riouperoux, Gavet, where there may be slowdowns. Do not take risks ... You know that it’s not exactly a key moment for the race!

Let’s talk about Watts!

EDF is managing a huge project in the valley to upgrade its facilities (replacing the 6 power stations and 5 historical barrages on the Romanche) and increase its hydroelectric power production by 30%. While the triathletes try to save watts, they will be able to see the EDF site from the road (although the new power station is underground). You’ll see the dam of Livet (finished and clearly visible from the road) and the access window of the tunneling machines, located in Riouperoux. The Gavet power station, on the other hand, is not visible from the road but you will pass just in front of the EDF Maison Romanche Énergie at the level of the Roundabout.