Hydration: back to basics with Powerbar sport nutrition expert

Alpe d'huez Triathlon nutrition tips by PowerBar

Nutrition is an important factor in athletic performance. But even if for most triathletes it is an admitted evidence, it must also be emphasized that sports nutrition is a matter of well-being and health. Specifically, in Alpe d'Huez, dehydration is one of our main health concerns. Loss of concentration on bike, confusion, cramps ... this gives a hard work to our rescue teams every year. With PowerBar, let's get back to some basic principles of hydration.

By Corinne Mäder Reinhard / PowerBar Nutritionist

"Defining a strategy"

The longer the distance and the higher the temperature and humidity, the greater the amount of liquids you need. Individual hydration requirements during activity depend on several factors, such as weather conditions, individual transpiration rates, duration and intensity of effort. A simple and general hydration strategy for exercises over 60 minutes is to drink about 400-800 ml / hour, regularly and in small amounts. It is also important to keep in mind that the recommended hourly fluid intake is higher when exercising in warm environments than at milder temperatures or less intense activity. If you have not yet defined your own liquids strategy, you can always try the standard "15" rule: 150 ml of liquids every 15 minutes.

"Replacing mineral losses"

Sweating causes both water and electrolytes loss, both of which play key roles in balancing body fluids. Sodium, for example, is essential for the retention of water in the body, for well-regulated water balance and good muscle and nerve function. What can you do? Special electrolyte solutions containing carbohydrates, such as the isotonic sports drinks PowerBar® ISOACTIVE and ISOMAX contain not only sodium, but also all major electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and chloride) in the proportions lost by sweating.

Isotonic sports drinks PowerBar ISOACTIVE and ISOMAX are designed to maximize your hydration rate while refreshing yourself. Made up of water, they provide a solution of carbohydrate electrolytes, which helps to maintain endurance performance.

The Isoactive drink is the official drink of the Alpe d'Huez Triathlon. You will find it on the aid stations and you can enjoy it on the PowerBar stand as well.

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