Important: new cycling course for the Longue distance race

Important: new cycling course for the Longue distance race

Don’t panic! It will only be a small detour due to road work on the Oris en Ratier road, between the Alpe du Grand Serre and the Valbonnais food supply.

A quick explanation :

• The racers will no longer turn left on the D114A (km 51) at la Valette but will continue on the D114 through Nantes-en-Ratier in order to reach Sousville.

• At the intersection of the D114 and the D26, they will turn left on to the D26 towards Siévoz.

• Upon arrival in Siévoz, they will continue on the D26, back on the original course of the race in order to reach the Valbonnais food supply.

This new part of the course will be 16km never taken before by our race, and add 6km to the original course.

The new cycling course will now be 120km.

Important : the detour include the climb of the col de Malissor between Vallette and Nantes-en-Ratier (km 54) : 2.84km with 208m of ascending elevation and a perrcentage of 8.56%. This adds a bit of difficulty of our race. Make sure you take this into account!

You can already check the new course on our website.

See you at the end of the month. 

The organisation team.