Triathletes, turn your skin into your strongest ally: before, during and after the event.

la roche posay skin protection advices

During training and right up to the finish line, you give your all and push yourself to the limit.  But have you thought about your skin during this period? If not, not to worry; you’re in good hands with La Roche-Posay, who will show you how your skin can become your strongest ally during your sporting activities.

A well-hydrated skin is more resistant to external aggressions

During physical activity, the skin suffers from continued strain, particularly due to friction in specific areas of the body. What’s more, heavy sweating causes dryness that can lead to tautness and burning sensations.  But you can avoid such issues with a simple daily skin hydration routine, meaning that preparing your skin will reduce the risk of discomfort caused by regular training and sports events.

Outdoor sports are good for the body, but even better with proper sun protection

Training in the sun is part of the pleasure of sport, and exposure to its rays has also tangible health benefits such as synthesize vitamin D . However care needs to be taken as unprotected UV exposure can be harmful for the skin. Even in cloudy conditions between 30%-70% of UV rays can reach the earth’s surface depending on the particular cloud density. To enjoy the sun safely and reap its many benefits, it is essential to use sun care with a high protection factor. , UVs can lead to  sunburn and trigger sun allergies for certain persons. A repeated exposition of its harmful effects accelerates skin ageing and even cause photo-carcinogenesis (skin cancer). It is therefore crucial for athletes regularly exposed to the sun to adopt a proper sun care routine in order to avoid skin damage, which can impair training and sporting performance. Keep in mind that high protection factor sunscreen needs to be reapplied every two hours, even when it is cloudy.

Even the best skincare routine cannot prevent skin damage from injuries

When practising a sport, injuries can occur and your skin is most often the first casualty. The skin's recovery can be accelerated and lesions soothed by following an appropriate daily routine with adapted products. Treating skin injuries starts with cleaning the irritated or damaged skin areas, and ensuring that these zones are protected from external aggressors such as the sun. Next, an array of wound healing creams and gels exist to accelerate skin barrier repair, and these should be reapplied  2 to 3 times a day for maximum efficacy.

Go on triathletes, make the effort for your skin and in return it'll be your strongest ally!


La Roche-Posay will support you during the race. Various solar protection points will be set up and located on the M and L triathlons, as well as on the Duathlon. Parents can also protect the youngest before the Kids Triathlon with a adapted product.

La Roche-Posay stations in the race

DUATHLON: Start (Bourg d'Oisans) - La Garde aid station

TRIATHLON KIDS: Entrance of the Bike park (Alpe d’Huez swimming Pool)

TRIATHLON L (see map): Start (Verney’s Lake) – Valbonnais aid station - Col d'Ornon aid station - La Garde aid station – Bike Park T2 (3 times on the run).

TRIATHLON M: Start (Verney’s Lake) - La Garde aid station - Park with bikes T2 (1 time on the run)