1.Tell us your career in a few words. Have you ever participated in the EDF Alpe d'Huez Triathlon?

I have been racing Olympic Distance triathlons (ITU World cup) until 2005. I have been 7th at the ITU World Champs U23 in 2003 in Queenstown. In 2005 I changed to Ironman distance. I was able to finish 11x in the top 3 in full Ironman (WTC ) events and winning one of the hardest known courses, Ironman St.George 2011. I also was able to finish in the top 10 at the Ironman Hawaii World Championships 2008 ( 8th Place).

2.You will go to the long or short distance race this year? Do you prepare it specifically? If yes, how?

I plan to do the long distance event (as I had some injury problems I hope I will be ready for that, if not I need to change to the short course...). I live in Switzerland so I have a lot of hard climbs I can do to prepare.

3.Do you recommend a specific lifestyle the week before the race? (food, sleep, training…)

I always say to the athletes I coach not to change too much. As the body is used to a certain routine. You cant make up for mistakes you made before. So the right food, sleep and training has to be done in all the weeks prior to the race. Not just in the last week. But for sure, people who work full time and can get a few days off can get more recovery in and prepare a bit better .

4.Could you provide advice to manage the race as well as possible? Which gear ratios use for example? Which kind of food?

I think the gear ratios is something everybody should find out about in the weeks before the race. Find a longer climb in your region and see how you feel good when riding hard (race pace). You need to be sure you have choosen the right gear ratios when you stand on the start line. My food for the race is based on Sponser Sport Food Gels. It is a sponsor of mine but I would buy them even if I am not sponsored. They have a good mix of carbohydrates, sodium etc. I normally take a gel every 30mins of the race.

5.Could you provide advice to manage the recovery post-race as well as possible?

I am a big fan of EPSOM Salt Baths directly after the race. So if you are in a hotel and you have a bath tub, it is the best thing to do to recover fast. I also have a pair of Normatec Compression boots I use after hard training sessions and races.

6. Do you have a pro’s trick?

I count the Power Gels I use for the bike , open them all up and put them all in one bottle. I mix it up with water. This is very helpful as during the race you dont have to open up the Gel packages. You just take a sip or two of your bottle of gels/water mix . This bottle stays on the bike the entire race. So use another bottle to refill at the aid stations .