Discover OVERSTIM.s products selection available on the aid stations of the 13th edition

overstim.s product line up 2018
The event is coming up! In exactly three months, the 13th edition of the TIME Triathlon Alpe d'Huez will be a great experience. Of course, to fulfill your goal, you will need to take care of your preparation and many details, well beyond simple training. This year, we are fortunate to count on OVERSTIM.s expertise and investment with triathletes to help you anticipate a crucial aspect of your challenge: the nutrition. Here is the exclusive selection of OVERSTIM.s products that you will find on the aid stations of our different races. A tip: take the time to test this range of products before the day! OVERSTIM.s explains everything on its page dedicated to the event!

Consuming products adapted to exercise is good, but choosing the right product at the right time is even better! To help you OVERSTIM.s, partner of the TIME Triathlon Alpe d'Huez offers you adapted products on the different races :

- HYDRIXIR, the sports drink redesigned in 2018 for maximum hydration and performance thanks to its electrolytes (sodium, magnesium).

- Antioxidant Gel, rich in vitamins E, B1, B6 and calcium, which prevents muscle troubles. DISCOVER HERE

- Coup de Fouet gel, based on royal jelly and acerola, recommended during difficult climbs or at the end of the race. DISCOVER HERE

- The Amelix and Fruit'N Perf bars which allow you to alternate liquid and solid energy, while remaining soft and digestible. DISCOVER AMELIX AND FRUIT'N Perf BARS

- Origin'Bar Salty, an alternative to sweet products to avoid saturation.