PowerBar : nutrition partner of the Triathlon EDF Alpe d'Huez 2016

PowerBar : nutrition partner of the Triathlon EDF Alpe d'Huez 2016

PowerBar repeats its collaboration with the Triathlon Alpe d'Huez EDF.

This world model in sports nutrition will support participants again in their challenge with three of its main products available on the aids station: the drink Isoactive, the PowerGel Original and the Barres Energize.

We are very honored to renew our partnership with PowerBar for this 2016 edition. To be trusted by such a prestigious brand is a recognition of which we are very proud. Regarding PowerBar, it is also a fundamental technical guarantee for the organization. Indeed, it is our responsability to supply the triathletes with great quality nutrition products. Weather may be very hot at the end of July in our mountains and our event is so tough that triathletes require a correct energy load and an optimal hydration.

PowerBar Isoactive drink (Orange)

It is a classic. Before and during the effort, the isotonic drink by PowerBar will allow you to replace the mineral salts lost thanks to its five electrolytes formula (sodium, potasium, calcium, magnesium, chloride). It also contains a mixture of carbohydrates C2Max (scientifically proved efficiency), glucose and fructose. Remember: hydration has a direct impact on you mental and physical performance.

PowerGel Original

It is a quality refence gel for professional athletes since 1996. And it is so remarkable because of its scientifically developed combination of carbohydrates specially designed for intense efforts. Furthermore, it contains sodium, which is the main mineral salt lost by the perspiration.

Barres Energize :

The PowerBar Energize was thought to fill up with carbohydrates before and during the race. Just like PowerGel and Isoactive, it contains the special combination of carbohydrates C2Max. Moreover, it provides some magnesium in order to stimulate the energy metabolism.

We invite you to enjoy these three products before the event and in order to get used to their flavors and textures, and to avoid any surprise on the D-day.

Good training to all,

The organisation team