Take your chance now : registration fees are changing !

triathlon alpe d'huez registration fee increase february

Registration fee increase: hurry up!

It is the moment! There's no time to waste. Registrations are going pretty fast this year (thank you guys!)  and it seems 2017 is going to be a great year. But we already are in February... It means there are only 3 small weeks remaining before the increase of registrations fees (feb 28th). If you are convinced, but you wait for the last moment, do not miss the deadline! Otherwise, if you still doubt, do not worry. Take a deep breath and ask yourself what are you looking for in triathlon. If you think "passion", "escape", "adventure", "experience","(conviviality") then do not hesitate any more. It is your moment, the opportunity to live one of your greatest race ever. The story begins here, today.

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