Presentation of the Overstim.s organic product range available on all the aid stations of the 14th edition

selection 2019 Overstims organic products

Eating well and staying hydrated is a fundamental aspect of performance in sport. But in 2019, thanks to our partner Overstim.s, sports nutrition will take on a new dimension!

The French leader in the sector will support the participants of the 14th edition with its product range from organic farming. Healthy, natural and efficient, the BIO OVERSTIM.s line provides a response perfectly adapted to your energy needs.

As the event is fast approaching, we recommend that you test the products before the event in order to familiarize yourself with their different flavours and refine your strategy for D-Day.

We are pleased to detail this innovation proposed on all TIME Triathlon Alpe d'Huez 2019 refuelling spot:

- HYDRIXIR bio, the sports drink for optimal hydration and performance thanks to its concentration of electrolytes (sodium, magnesium). DISCOVER HYDRIXIR BIO

- Organic Energix Gel, "natural energy", specifically designed for long-distance activities. DISCOVER ORGANIC ENERGIX GEL

- Gel Instant Energy, based on royal jelly and acai berries, recommended for the most challenging climbs or at the end of the race. DISCOVER GEL INSTANT ENERGY

- Organic bars, which allow you to alternate liquid and solid energy, while remaining soft and digestible. DISCOVER ORGANIC BARS

- Origin'Salty bars, an alternative to sweet products to avoid saturation. DISCOVER ORIGIN'SALTY BARS