TRI-STORIES : Benoît Lagneux

Interview Benoît Lagneux Triathlon EDF Alpe d'Huez

This season, we decided to focus on popular triathletes who represent the values of the Triathlon Alpe d'Huez EDF. We begin this series of « Tri-Stories » with a small interview of Benoît Lagneux, a sports journalist addicted to running who crossed the finish line of our short distance race for the second time last Summer.

Who is Benoît ?

I am 31 years old. I am native of Bourgoin-Jallieu (Grenoble region). I am a journalist for the local newspaper Dauphiné Libéré since 10 years and I also collaborate with the magazine Ski Chrono. I take care of various disciplines as the hockey, the ski freestyle but I also cover the news of the swimmer Jordan Pothain and the triathletes Dorian Coninx and Julien Loy (retired). These guys made me discover the triathlon.

What is your sport background and story ?

I always practised sport. After many years of swimming, I tried road cycling. But my partner Julie brought me to running. It became an addiction. I run trails, semi and marathons (PB: 1h36 and 3h27).

So how did you decide to race Triathlon EDF Alpe d’Huez ?

I had already covered the race several times for the Dauphiné Libéré. I started to feel the need to challenge me there. I always thought that there was nothing more beautiful that the emotion of the triathletes, their characteristic smile when crossing the finish line. We can feel the notion of personal, physical and mental victory. It’s clear that it’s much more than a simple competition: you run against yourself. Me too, I wanted to live this experience.

« I wanted to live this experience. »

How did you prepare the race? Did you worry?

Let say that I felt some stress as on the marathon. However, ws not worried at all. My pleasure is the main objective, even if I want to finish in good conditions. My personal satisfaction is the one of an anonymous triathlete. My preparation, to be honest, was a bit restricted by my job and my family life because I have a little boy at home. But I knew I had the swimming and running base. Then, I only insisted on bike more than usual.

Did you enjoy the race?

We were three friends competing, with very different profiles. So this added a certain a certain expectation. The swim was fine. Problems came on the bike. I always struggle with the heat. Fortunately, my parents were present during the run to support me. The finish line has been an awesome moment. High fives and magic atmosphere… During 4 or 5 seconds I was floating. And quickly I thought again about the next challenge

« During 4 or 5 seconds I was floating. »

What will be your next challenge, then?

I could say that we made a kind of pact with Julie: to race an Ironman. But it’s still very far... The way will be long and it will be necessary to improve little by little. On the midterm, I would also like to participate to the Triathlon Alpe d'Huez EDF.

Any advice for a novice in Alpe d’Huez?

Personnally, I like instictive training. I keep in mind that the objective is to enjoy, during the training too. I think this principle is important. At least, this mindset is key for me.

If you had one word to describe the event?

The MYTHE. The 21 bends, the Tour de France… The greatest have been here!