The supporters : how to follow the race (and some other tips!)

supporters 2018 TIME Triathlon Alpe d'Huez

This is THE question, when you support a triathlete and want to follow his challenge as closely as possible. Unfortunately, the Alps offer us a magnificent playground but with a difficult access for the public. Here are some reminders and tips for everyone who wants to make the most of the show.

The LIVE of Triathlon L, a classic

This year again, the organisation is offering LIVE coverage of the race leaders. This commented LIVE will cover the whole swimming part, then will resume for the ascent of Alpe d'Huez, until the end of the race. IMPORTANT: a fixed camera at the finish line will allow to attend online the arrival of all the participants.

In addition, this LIVE will of course be broadcast on the giant screen in the center of the Expo village.

The link : LIVE (will as well be available on alpetriathlon.com, but also on Facebook)

Timing: to get a reference in real time

The public can access the triathletes' times on the course at Alpetriathlon.com on the "results" page at the following link : CHRONO. This is the easiest way to ensure an athlete's progress in a race, mainly on the cycling part.

Public access to the race:

Swimming: Lac du Verney offers a fantastic setting for the start of the two triathlons. Parking is available for the public to access the site and enjoy the show. To get back to Alpe d’Huez resort once swimming is over, please take the alternative route, passing by Villars Reculas. IMPORTANT: if you decide to go down to Lac du Verney for the start of the Triathlon M, be aware that it will be difficult for you to get back up to Alpe d'Huez in time to see the running part, because of the traffic and the priority given to the triathletes.

Cycling: Although the roads are open to traffic, people must not follow the triathletes on the cycling courses, and especially on Triathlon L. Participants clearly followed by car may be disqualified. For everyone's safety and the smooth development of the event, please leave the road to the triathletes. In the 21 bends, the public can nevertheless access certain curves. It is then important to park well and not to move from bend to bend.

Running: The 6,7km loop is a very beautiful walk, for all those who wish to enjoy the magnificent landscapes of the Sarenne road. On Triathlon L, the three laps give spectators plenty of time to walk around the circuit and watch the finish. IMPORTANT: the arrival area is reserved for participants and accredited persons.