Alpe d'Huez 01 Disc: the free test offered during the TIME Experience 2019

TIME Experience Alpe d'huez 01 2019 TIME Triathlon Alpe d'Huez
From July 22nd to 26th, in parallel with the 14th edition of the TIME Triathlon Alpe d'Huez, the TIME Experience will invite triathlon and cycling lovers to test the French carbon specialist brand's range of bicycles, for free. The new disc version of the fabulous "Alpe d'Huez 01" will make many people dream of it, but it will not be the only new feature on display at this TIME Experience 2019.

The TIME Alpe d'Huez 01 Disc will therefore be available for trial (as will the TIME Alpe d'Huez 21) at the TIME stand in the centre of the Village Expo. It is simply the most accomplished bike of the brand, which has used all its experience and innovation capacity to achieve an unprecedented level of rigidity and dynamism, while working on the lightness of the bike. This small miracle offers an amazing result: a precise ride on the slopes and responsive behaviour on the climbs. Comfortable on any field, and devilishly efficient. But the success of this development is also due to the level of comfort never sacrificed to performance at TIME. The Aktiv fork (which reduces vibrations by 30%) contributes to this feat, as does the integration of 3% Vectran fibres into the frame at the most strategic points. This is where TIME makes the difference, thanks to its know-how in the manufacture of carbon frames (7300 yarns required to make a frame) which allows it to obtain very precise mechanical characteristics according to specific expectations. Finally, the use of disc brakes further improves the pleasure of riding the Alpe d'Huez 01, with greater precision and safety when braking.

Another new feature this year is the possibility to test the TIME Osmos 10 shoes as well as the Xpro 10 pedals. Participants in the TIME Experience will have the chance to discover the brand's entire universe and philosophy. As always, the TIME team will be available to welcome and advise all participants. However, book your (free) test now via the application set up by TIME.

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