Discover the TIME Scylon : Alpe d'Huez Triathlon Official Bike

TIME Scylon official bike alpe d'huez Triathlon 2017

TIME made a tremendous entry into the Triathlon World with the Poissy Triathlon team (3 World Cup wins for Dorian Coninx and Andrea Hewitt). This success is SCYLON’s success as well, an exceptional bike with an innovative conception. This is the model that will be available for a free test ride during the TIME Experience, from July 24th to 28th at the Expo village of the 12th edition of the Alpe d'Huez Triathlon. To find out more, we asked a few questions to Nicolas Didier, one of the SCYLON project managers for TIME.

What is your role at TIME?

I am a composite materials engineer at TIME since 2006. I work on all new carbon frames of the brand, the SCYLON being probably my favorite.

How was the SCYLON born?

By 2014, we did not have 'aero' bikes, although the ZXRS was equipped with a profiled seat post or the NXRS with an integrated seat post. Our range offered frames using a classic collage. We wanted to expand it with a more aggressive carbon frame, offering rigidity and aerodynamics. We also wanted a model that meets the standards of the German magazine Tour Magazin, whose tests have a high influence in the sector. Among other criteria, they are only interested in bicycles that offer a stiffness of more than 100 N.M / deg (Newton Meter by Degree) on the front triangle. We designed a bike with a pedal box and a steering sleeve larger than usual. Concretely, we gain surface and size to increase rigidity.

How much development time was required before launching SCYLON?

The first SCYLON was commercialized in September 2014 and development began at the end of 2013. Generally, 2 or more engineers work on the design from the beginning of the year. The first pieces arrive in Spring. Then several months are dedicated to testing, before launching the product in autumn with 2 or 3 sizes to begin. It's relatively fast.

What is the user profile of the SCYLON?

It is designed for high level cyclists or triathletes as well as for amateurs of beautiful bikes and gears.

What do you think of the development of 'aero' models? Is it fashion or a sustainable advance?

I believe that this corresponds to the reality of the market, which could be divided into three categories for the road. On one hand, the 'aero' bikes for people who want to go fast on plain or on hilly profiles. Then, we have the endurance bikes that are aimed especially at cyclists who want to sum-up the kilometers, preferring comfort. And finally, we have light bikes for pure climbers. In this context, 'aero' bikes are a fairly versatile option.

In your opinion, what would be the strength of the SCYLON?

It's not easy to transcribe! I think it's a very ludic bike. It is particularly bright on turns exit or sudden acceleration. It is the kind of bike that always push you to go a little further, a little stronger.

What will the triathletes testing the SCYLON find during the TIME Experience?

A rigid and powerful bike, yet comfortable. This is especially true if the SCYLON is equipped with the TIME AKTIV fork. He behaves very well and is very reassuring in the descents for example. The 'testers' will probably experience new sensations.

Nicolas Didier / TIME

What about TIME, who just celebrated his 30th birthday? Why is the brand still at the top?

We are always looking for performance and innovation. We have specific processes and we are not afraid to explore new concepts. We are carbon specialists, but we always strive to combine performance and comfort. There is no point in designing a high-performance machine if the cyclist finishes with a backache at the end of each ride. In a way, we take care of the cycling experience!

Book now your free Scylon test during the TIME Experience from July 24th to 28th, sending a mail with your contact to sdebillon@timesport.com (TIME team will contact you back withe test slot).

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