1) Tell us your career in a few words. Have you ever participated in the EDF Alpe d'Huez Triathlon?

« I started racing triathlon in 2013 before that I rowed for Australia for over 10 years. This will be my 3rd time racing Alpe d’Huez triathlon. I was 3rd in 2013 and won last year. It is one of my favourite races and I am really happy to be back this year! »

2) You will go to the long or short distance race this year? Do you prepare it specifically? If yes, how?

«I will race the long distance this year. I don’t prepare specifically but we will ride from Leysin in Switzerland to the race then compete and ride home. The intention is to get a really big block of riding in and a great race prior to Embrunman. »

3) Do you recommend a specific lifestyle the week before the race? (food, sleep, training…)

« I think if you have done the training for the race then the week before is all about enjoying the lead up. Take the time to make sure all your equipment is ready and relax whenever you get the chance put your feet up so you are fresh when race day comes »

4) Could you provide some advice to manage the race as well as possible? Which gear ratios use for example? Which kind of food?

« I think this race is a very hard to find the perfect ratio as you have such a change in gradient i.e steep climbs and descents. I think though for the last climb up the Alpe you really need to have at least a 39-25 ratio to help with the first few steep bends! Nutrition it is always best to stick with what you know works for you and what you have been using in training. If you find out what they will be using on course and plan on using it during the race it makes it easy then to practice with these products in training beforehand. »

5) Could you provide some advice to manage the recovery post-race as well as possible?

« My best advice for post race recovery, is to not let your muscles get cold and stiffen up a little bit of warm down or stretching after the race always helps. The next day try and move a little a short ride or swim helps deliver blood to the muscles and flush out any pooling lactate and fatigue. »

6) Do you have a pro’s trick? 

« I wish I had a pro’s trick but really it is just about doing what you know and have been doing in training, relax and enjoy being out on the course for such a great race! »