TRI-Stories : 5 times finisher Ludovic Amelot shares his passion for Alpe d'Huez Triathlon

TRI-Stories Ludovic Amelot Alpe d'huez Triathlon

Ludovic Amelot is a great ambassador of the spirit of the Alpe d'Huez Triathlon. This third episode of our TRI-stories is a portrait of an athlete native from Normandy who discovered the triathlon lately in his life, before becoming a lover of our event.

Who is Ludovic Amelot ?

I am 45 years old. I work at EDF for 18 years, currently in the national and international Finance department situated in Clamart. I was born in Rouen, I have 2 children, Zoe and Robin, 7 and 10 years old. Robin already participated to the Triathlon Kids of Alpe d'Huez with a podium as result. This year, we'll go to the station to spend the week of the triathlon in family.

Tell us about your sport career.

I always practised sport in my youth, touching a bit of everything. But I began swimming seriously only when I was 25. I lived in Le Havre a that time, and I competed some races in category Master. When I arrived in Paris in 2004 I approached the swimming club of Bagneux, before being attracted by the Triathlon team. I began in 2006. The diversity of the trainings and the three disciplines quickly seduced me. In 2010, to get closer to my home, I switched to Issy Les Moulineaux's team, which uses to be the club the most represented in Alpe d'Huez.

What is your relationship with Alpe d'Huez?

I participated 5 times to the Long Distance race, 1 time to the Short Distance one. I made the CD and the LD in relay. EDF being partner, I got in touch with the organization to see what we could do. At that time, in parallel of London Olympics (EDF was partner too), EDF named ambassadors for each of its directions. I had been chosen in my department, and the Triathlon of Alpe d'Huez was the opportunity for the promotion of sport internally. Generally, we manage to get about fifty EDF employees (as well from abroad) on the starting list. One thing leading to another, I got a narrow relationship with the organization.

Why is Alpe d'Huez Triathlon such a different race?

The swim takes place in a crystal clear and very cold water. The atmosphere is very particular. I adore to get to the lake riding the bike before the race during a long downhill. Naturally, the cycle route is very beautiful. Climibg Alpe d'Huez after 5 hours of race is magical. When you climb, the atmosphere becomes more and more intense. Regarding the run course, I like it very much, with some passages in the heart of nature. Beyond the race, it is an event to be shared with the friends and the family, to enjoy it for a few days. My team members have moreover used to ride all the week long, climbing all the mythical ascents of the region. And every evening, all the buddies of the Team Fumier (a small private joke, they will recognize themselves) meet to have some "apero".

What is your greatest memory on the race?

I adore the rush of adrenalin in the descent of the Ornon climb. I remember myself on 2011 edition, in Dantesque conditions. I was absolutely frozen at the bottom of the downhill. It's part of the game! Otherwise, in 2014 I realized my best performance with a top 100 recording 7h30 approximately. An other year, I did the Long Distance and a relay on Short Distance the day after. I made the bike. In the first walls of the 21 bends, I really believed that I would never arrive.

Is the implication of EDF in the race an extra motivation for you?

Yes, of course. I have the impression to race at home! It is really nice that EDF allows us to live such an experience. And I am rather proud that the company supports a "nature" event. Through the race, I even visited the EDF Hydrélec Museum situated just a step from the start.

Have you a particular advice for the participants of the Long Distance Triathlon?

It is necessary to manage the cycling part, to climb Alpe du Grand Serre smoothly, and not to let the emotion take the power on fast sections. Especially, the most important is to enjoy the moment. But to take some pleasure on this race, a good volume of bike training is fundamental.

If you had to describe the race with one word.

It would be "Magical". For the atmosphere. The festivity.