Triathlon EDF Alpe d'Huez M : Wilson and Hewitt at the top

Triathlon EDF Alpe d'Huez M : Wilson and Hewitt at the top The Triathlon Festival finishes on a high note! With a beautiful day dedicated to the short distance. The 1180 participants took the start with an amazing environment. Dan Wilson from Australia and Andrea Hewitt from New Zeeland established themselves as the leaders. Here are the impression of the winners. We had 6 nationalities on the podium!

Dan Wilson (Australia) / 1st :

It is an incredible race. I have been able to attend for the last 4 years, It is not always easy to fit it into my schedule. If I could, I would come every year! This time, I took the opportunity. I had great legs today, one of my best run here. But it is also  the combination of the push during the bike race. I am delighted.

Tim Van Hemel (Belgium) / 2nd :

I ran the duathlon on Tuesday. It was my first climb of the Alpe d’Huez, to take my marks. I knew the warm weather would be difficult to handle. I felt better and better along the climb. With the number 8, I was a bit under pressure! While running, I overtook a few people, to end second. I came with some friends. Next year, we might come back for a few weeks of training.

Andi Bocherer (Germanny) / 3rd :

I am very happy. It was my first race since the Ironman Frankfurt, 4 weeks ago. After that, I cut training for 2 weeks, I was not at the top of my shape today. I am delighted with my performance even though I was very hot during the climb.

Andrea Hewitt (New Zeeland) / 1st

It was my first time at the Alpe d’Huez. I found it gorgeous. It is very different than the France Grand Prix. It is also my first race without drafting, and my first race with that many people! I love climbing, even at home, but there mainly about 20 minutes, I have to say today was a new experience!

Audrey Merle (France) / 2nd

The Alpe d’Huez is a myth, it is a challenge! It was harder than I imagined. But that is pretty normal as I am in the middle of the preparation for the Olympics, and I was tired before starting. During the run, it was hard to get my bearings with all the boys. But I am bery happy for this first time here. I definitely want to be back in the future.

Anna Noguera (Spain) / 3rd

I really had fun today. The Alpe d’Huez has something special. We were 3 fighting for a place on the podium, I hang on and got it! I thought about my friend Alberto Moreno a lot during the race, he loves to run. He is injured and loves to run here. I was in a very good day. Next year, I might do the long one!

Full results here

Womens’ results

1 HEWITT Andrea 02:01:10

2 MERLE Audrey 02:12:25

3 NOGUERA RAJA Anna 02:14:15

Men’s results

1  WILSON Dan 01:51:28

2  VAN HEMEL Tim 01:55:07

3 BOCHERER Andi 01:55:40