TRITYC : team winner of the INVERSE contest 2018

Trityc winner of the INVERSE Teams Contest 2018 TIME Triathlon Alpe d'Huez

A few days ago on Facebook, we announced the name of the club that won the INVERSE Teams Contest 2018. With 77 representatives in total on all the races, the Triathlon Thionville Yutz Club will surely be one of the main source of the family and convivial atmosphere which generally rocks the event. We wanted to know a little more about this club near Metz (north-east of France) and which counts 260 members. Its president, Sébastien Duthilleul, has revealed the background of the "Alpe d'Huez 2018" adventure.

"We learned about the TIME Triathlon Alpe d'Huez INVERSE Teams Contest by reading the newspapers and various magazines in 2017. Immediately I thought it was a challenge for TRITYC and a in line with our club's values. This event offers the opportunity for children, duathletes, triathletes specialized in short or long distance to participate in a magnificent event. The values of our club are based on conviviality, friendship, mutual aid and good humour. Whether you're tall, fat, young, old, simple amateur or high level competitor, we all encourage each other and we all enjoy each other even if we run the 10 km in 1h20 or 32 minutes.

When we discovered this challenge, I quickly told the members of the committee and I included the challenge in the 2018 objectives of our club after presented at the general assembly. Many people got caught up in the game, and quickly the objective of winning this contest became a common goal. The club does nothing particular in terms of funding for this race; everyone pays their registration and manages for travel and accommodation, but depending on affinities, logistics and organization, we began to organize this trip.

We will probably meet several times to take a picture of our team in the bend under our "beautiful poster" (Note: the club winner of the INVERSE Teams Contest has the privilege to have a giant T-shirt in his colors in one of 21 turns) and we will probably drink together in the bars of the resort. Beyond the 77 participants, I think we will be between 200 and 220 people. Many families will join their athlete; others have chosen to come alone, then some for whom it is an objective +++ will have grandparents, brothers, sisters to encourage them.....

There will be people and it's gonna make a lot of noise! You haven't finished seeing black and blue for a week. This challenge was made for us and we are proud to show our jersey on this beautiful race. »