Victor del Corral is back! Interview (and a few tips...) of the winner of 2011 an 2012 races

victor del corral TIME Triathlon Alpe d'Huez 2019

Victor is back! The only triathlete to have won the Triathlon L twice in a row (2011 and 2012), and undefeated at Alpe d'Huez, Victor del Corral will return to his "talisman" event. The Catalan triathlete, a member of the INVERSE team, talks to us about his return and gives some valuable advice!

It's been a long time! Why did you delay so long to return to Alpe d'Huez after your two masterful victories?

I focused on the Ironman circuit and it delayed my return more than I would have liked. But there are a lot of events all year round and it's difficult to place them all.

What are your objectives for 2019? How are you preparing for this season?

My objectives remain the same as always: to be competitive in all the events in which I participate and to have as much fun as possible in training and competition.

For three or four years I have been based in Cerdanya, in the Catalan Pyrenees, and I spend most of the year there. I train a lot alone but I share a few sessions with friends from the region.

You won one of the most epic editions in the history of the race. What memories do you have of this famous day and what does it mean to you?

I have always said that my victory in the 2011 edition was my first international victory in a long-distance triathlon. It was a very special victory because I had been training very hard for a long time and it meant a lot to me.

The weather forecast was bad this day, but I think in the morning, before we got into the water, it wasn't raining. I remember that the water in the lake was very cold, and it started raining heavily from the transition to the first pass. That's when the fog appeared. The descent of the Col d'Ornon, rather technical, was memorable. On the ascent of the 21 bends, the fog settled permanently. I couldn't see anything, and the competitors I was passing suddenly appeared. Once up there, it was cold and raining again. It was an epic race in every respect!

What is the difference between the 2012 Victor (second victory - Photo below) and the 2019 Victor?

Without a doubt, the years go by for everyone. This has a positive side and another side that is not so positive. I still have the same energy and desire to run as in 2012, I have gained a lot more experience and I know myself much better, but it is also true that injuries have not spared me in recent years and I am having trouble reaching the level of fitness I had before.

What was the key to your two successes? Do you have any recommendations for an amateur triathlete who is competing in triathlon for the first time?

In both cases I ran my race, without being interested in the rhythm of others and knowing what was the highest rhythm I could maintain at any time. I spent time in the region to recognize the circuits and this also worked in my favour.

My advice for an amateur triathlete who is starting out for the first time on the TIME Triathlon Alpe d'Huez L: be aware of the routes and the importance of arriving with reserve forces in the last cycling section. The ascent of Alpe d'Huez but also running are the hardest parts of this triathlon. Poor effort management in the first part of the cycle course can waste months of preparation.

Some say that this race must be prepared like an Ironman. Do you agree with that?

I have always said that this triathlon is almost as hard as an Ironman, due to its profile as well as the time spent in the race. Maybe the run allows you to set a little more rhythm than on a marathon, but the climbs of the loop and the altitude does not make the task any easier.

INVERSE, textile partner of the event, is also one of your historical partners. What is your relationship with the brand and how would you present it?

INVERSE is the brand that has been supporting me and equipping me since I started in this sport more than ten years ago. Of course, our relationship is exceptional in every way (otherwise we probably wouldn't have lasted so many years together;)). In addition, this season, beyond my athlete profile, I became Athlete Manager with the intention of offering excellent attention to our ambassadors but also improving our visibility.

INVERSE is one of these insatiable brands, always oriented towards innovation at all levels, for all the garments it develops, in order to offer the best product for each era and each discipline. The range of sports that the brand covers is very wide but it is always distinguished by the quality of its products and their personalization.

TT bike or road bike? Lenticular or low profile wheel? What are you planning and why?

I have always ridden a road bike, with aero bar and low profile wheels, and it has gone pretty well so far so this year I will keep up the tradition. I know that with a TT bike I could save a little time in the first part and between the passes, but I think it would affect me too much in the climbs where I can make a difference.