Triathlon L : a vidéo for the legend.

video 2018 TIME Triathlon Alpe d'Huez

The 13th edition of Triathlon L will let us with the memories of a grandiose event with a taste of inédit. You are 1075 participants to have braved the canicular heat to try to overcome a unique experience, after 2.2km of swimming, 118km of cycling and 20km of running. A fantastic atmosphere rocked the competition all day long: never seen before on the shores of Lake Verney, in the 21 bends and on the finish line. THANK YOU to the public! And congratulations to the 760 heroes who reached our finish line. You're just huge.


Frederik Van Lierde dominated the debates, winning for the first time in a race that was particularly dear to his heart, in a cycling monument that marked his youth. As for the Swiss Emma Bilham, the triumph had a very special flavor, after returning from recent injuries. New colours, new winners, new energy: the TIME Triathlon Alpe d'Huez reinvents itself, the legend remains the same.

Full results: HERE

Women's podium

- Emma Bilham (SUI)

- Alexandra Tondeur (BEL)

- Carrie Lester (USA)


Men's Podium

- Frederik Van Lierde (BEL)

- Alberto Moreno (ESP)

- Timothy Van Houtem (BEL)