The most beautiful gift : an unforgettable experience

voucher TIME Triathlon Alpe d'Huez

Every year, the headache is the same. What will we offer our loved ones? Certainly, we will always find the object, the equipment, the gift that will please (it's clear that triathletes have a lot of choice with their 3 disciplines!) But. Is this excessive use of the latest equipment and products necessary? Sometimes yes, but if we are honest, we will admit that beyond the sweet pleasure they bring, these Christmas gifts are far from all essential. Isn't it time to avoid the consumer craziness of this period and offer much more than the latest gadget or trendy gear? What if this year, you did something else?


A bib number for the TIME Triathlon Alpe d'Huez at the foot of the Christmas tree is much more than just a place reserved for the start of a race. It is the promise of an extraordinary adventure over several months with:

- training up and down, in the rain and under the sun.

- moments of grace and moments of doubt

- your support and unfailing complicity throughout the preparation

- a major objective and an unforgettable race to the assault of a cycling temple

- a simple pleasure at the end of the story; having accomplished something great!

Give those you love an essential experience to share, the opportunity to surpass themselves.
Race day is only an end in itself, it is the road to get there that counts!

Are you convinced? We offer you some card formats to offer to put under the tree:

Format A4: click here

Format 18*24: click here

Format 13*18: click here

Format 10*15: click here