NEW : ladies will have an exclusive start on the Triathlon L 2019... but it's not the only big news !

women start Triathlon L TIME Triathlon Alpe d'Huez 2019
Gradually, the event continues to evolve. In the past few years, the TIME Triathlon Alpe d'Huez has taken initiatives to promote women's sport but also to absorb the growing volume of participants in its races. The most significant breakthrough in 2019: an exclusive start for women on the main race of the week, the Triathlon L, after a first very positive experience in 2018 on the Triathlon M. But this innovation also leads to a new one...

"Last year, we were keen to test the female start on the M Triathlon. The feedback from the participants via the satisfaction survey and the enthusiasm that this measure generated immediately convinced us that this development was both necessary and positive, from every point of view. In 2019, we had to go further," explains Laurence Neveu, co-director of the TIME Triathlon Alpe d'Huez. The extension of this 'girl start' to Triathlon L was natural, especially since the demands of triathletes abounded in this direction. On July 25th at 9.30 am, the 180 women (approximately) competing in Triathlon L will have the privilege of starting first in the clear waters of the Lac du Verney, 15 minutes before their male counterparts who will leave at 9.45 am (on the following day's M, they will be about 330).

Of course, these 100% female starts make it possible to lighten the famous "mass start", without denaturing what constitutes one of the highlights of the event which has always claimed its authenticity and a classic vision of the Long Distance. But with the unprecedented success of the L event in 2019 (all the race numbers sold out since February, never seen before in Alpe d'Huez), it was also important to redefine the course. In 2019, the 2.2km swim of the Triathlon L will therefore have to be covered in a single loop (two previously), in order to make the "peloton" as fluid as possible, especially as we approach the first buoy. "We are very happy and proud to welcome so many triathletes to Alpe d'Huez. But we must avoid that the participant's experience deteriorates because of this success, in order to do not deny either our philosophy or our values," Laurence concludes.

It should be pointed out that the transition to the Lac du Verney will also be improved in 2019 (out of the 2 triathlons) thanks to the official partner Zone3, which will provide specific bags of the brand to easily keep all the triathletes' belongings after swimming (then returned to the finish line in Alpe d'Huez, just like the personal bags).