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Facts and Figures

More than 3200 participants registered during the week, 2500 of which in the both flagship triathlon races:

- 1180 on the Long Distance with 891 finishers

- 1320 on the Short Distance with 1111 finishers

- 400 on the Duathlon

- 300 children registered on the Children’s Triathlon

405 volunteers and staff members of organisation present during the week

Around 15 000 visitors in the valley during the week

Around 3000 spectators in the climb of Alpe d'Huez

Broadcasting TV in alomst 90 countries

Press papers in almost 30 countries

This time trial was ranked by the German Magazine Triathlè as "most beautiful European Triathlon". Triathlete Magazine ranks it as the most popular triathlon for French people among triathlons worldwide.

The event reaches around € 1.6 million of economic benefits thanks to its positioning in "Sport Tourism" adopted by the event throughout the week (in 2015: Duathlon on Wednesday- Children's Triathlon on Thursday - Long Distance Triathlon on Friday and Short on Saturday) to persuad participants to stay one week in the region.

Goals: 5 000 registered participants in the year 2018 to make the EDF Alpe d'Huez Triathlon the most important French triathlon and a special event on the international tour