Article 1

The Competition is governed by the Rules and Regulations of the Fédération Française de Triathlon, available on the Competition website, or on site with the Organiser, i.e. the Association ALPETRIATHLON.COM, 6, Chalet du Grand-Broue, 38750 HUEZ, France ("the Organiser"). The Competitors undertake to comply therewith in all circumstances. A Competitor's registration and/or participation in the Competition (or part thereof) fully, automatically and officially implies his/her full and entire acceptance of the present Rules.

Article 2

Cycling: Competitors are under the obligation to respect the rules of the French Highway Code; they must, in particular, ride on the right hand side of the carriageway, and especially on the climb up to Alpe d'Huez. Helmets are mandatory.

Swimming: Full body swimming suits are mandatory if the water temperature is less than 16°C, and not permitted if the water temperature is higher than 24°C. The swimming caps handed out by the Organiser, and no others, must also be worn.

Competitors must wear the number bib supplied by the Organiser (which may include signage from Competition sponsors), for the cycling and footrace events. Number bibs must not under any circumstances be folded or masked in whole or in part.

Competitors may not be followed by any vehicle whatsoever that is not part of the Organisation.

Competitors are under the obligation to participate in all Meetings/Briefings concerning the Competition. Briefings will, in principle, take place before the start of each Race, in the bicycle parking facility.

Any Competitor who detects an anomaly of any nature whatsoever on the Competition course that could be detrimental to the safety of the Competitors must report such anomaly to the Organiser as soon as possible.

More generally, Competitors are under the obligation to conform to any directives or instructions issued by the Organisers.

Any violation of the present Article shall bring about the automatic disqualification of the Competitor, or any other penalty/sanction stipulated by FFTri Rules (in particular, black card in the event of failure to wear a helmet or other mandatory equipment).

Article 3

Winners Pro or Age group must attend the prize-giving ceremony. Prizes may not be claimed by absent Competitors after the ceremony.

Triathletes registered as Elite / Pro have access to the general classification prize grid but will not be rewarded in their age-group.

Triathletes registered as Age Groupers will be rewarded in their category and won't have access to the general classification prize grid.

The age group is based on the competitor age on 31st December 2019.



Article 4

The Organiser undertakes to be appropriately protected by an Organisers' Civil Liability insurance covering its own third party liability and that of the duly registered Competitors between the start and finish lines of the Competition for any property damage or personal injury they accidentally cause to third parties or to one another.

Competitors must be duly aware of the risks inherent to this type of sports event, which requires prior training and excellent physical condition. The Organiser shall not assume any liability whatsoever for any accident / lesion / personal injury / disability or death suffered by a Competitor, except of course in the event of accidents having been directly caused by a failure on the part of the Organiser to meet its legal and/or regulatory obligations. Moreover, the Organiser shall not assume any liability of any kind for any damage, loss or theft of any property/gear/personal equipment belonging to a Competitor; it is the obligation of the Competitors to take out the necessary insurance to cover such risks if applicable.

Article 5

In the event of cancellation or definitive interruption of the competition for any reason outside the control of the Organiser and, in particular, any case of force majeure, decisions of public authorities (in particular those motivated by reasons of public health, safety or preservation of the public order), any weather risks or actual weather conditions, the Organiser shall not incur any liability whatsoever in regard to the Competitors, and registration fees shall not be reimbursed. Competitors hereby waive any claim to reimbursement whatsoever in respect to such cases of cancellation or interruption.

Article 6

Competitors hereby explicitly authorise the Organiser of the Competition as well as their stakeholders, such as partners, sponsors and the media, to use any still or animated (audiovisual) images on which Competitors may appear and taken on the occasion of their participation in the Competition, on all media now existing or to be invented in the future, including promotional and/or advertising and/or institutional media worldwide and for the longest period of time provided for by the legislation, regulations and treaties currently in effect, including any potential extensions made to such period.

Article 7

The present Rules are governed by French law. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with the present Rules shall be submitted to the arbitration of the FFTri according to its Regulations or, otherwise, to the Sports Arbitration Chamber of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee, and finally decided based on the latter's regulations.

General Conditions
The registration fees cover only the participation in the competition, not including any travel, board and lodging or medical expenses (on site care, repatriation, etc.), which shall be for the account of the Competitor.

In the event of Competitor's cancellation, for whatever reason TThe conditions for reimbursement are as follows:
Of the amount paid, 30% will be retained for any reimbursement requests made before 30 June 2019. No reimbursement  and transfer possible for requests made after 30 June.

Prior to the Competition, each Competitor must provide (a) a photocopy of his/her  2019 triathlon licence (or equivalent from a foreign Triathlon Federation) or (b) a medical certificate of aptitude issued less than one (1) year before the date of the Competition. Otherwise, Competitors will not be allowed to participate in the Competition.

The Competitor's registration for the Competition automatically implies his/her agreement to comply with the Rules of the Competition. The Competitor undertakes to become duly familiar with all provisions of the said Rules.

Image rights
The Participant hereby declares acknowledging and accepting that the Organiser shall be entitled to proceed to the recording and/or the acquisition/storage of still and animated images of the Event, (including the Participant's first and last names, statements and representation), appearing on the various items of equipment (hereafter "the Films and Photographs"). The Participant hereby declares to agree to any and all use by the Organiser or any authorised third party of the Films and Photographs and/or of all or part of their contents or excerpts for the specific following needs, without limitation in time: (a) broadcast of the Event (i.e. any dissemination as a whole or in excerpts, either live or in delayed broadcast, via any and all media and over any platform now known or to be created in the future, by radio and television broadcast, by any mobile, online, digital, closed circuit or public place communication or distribution, any broadcast on airplanes or at sea, over the Internet, video, or DVD); (b) use by any partner/sponsor/supplier of the Event for their operations / institutional communication campaigns (excluding any use for advertising campaigns); (c) promotion of future editions of the Event or any associated event/operation; (d) institutional or commercial promotion of the SARL Cyrille Neveu.